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The timeline of a custom home is different than any other home.  


Most customers come to us with an idea of a floorplan that is conceptual, and not engineered.  That's a great place to start, and allows us to truly deliver on what you're dreaming of.  

However, because we are able to truly customize any floorplan that you dream up, the design and engineering process takes some time.  We recommend leaving three months in your timeline for design and engineering alone, to get through permitting and ready to build. Working closely with our architects, we will make sure the home you're dreaming of is up to par, but because we use the highest level professionals, the attention to detail does require some time.  

Once plans are finalized and land is acquired, permits will be pulled and we will begin the build.  Depending on weather, and the level of intricacy of your home, typical build time may be anywhere from 9-12 months from breaking ground to delivering keys.  That's longer than any builder producing the same house over and over inside a development - because this one is truly YOUR dream, not theirs.  

You'll recognize the payoff for your patience when you walk into your new home and see, there is not another anywhere quite like it.  

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