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Stress Management:

We're not gonna lie.  

There is some stress that comes along with uprooting a home, and building another.  

That's true with moving in general, whether you're building or not.


We ourselves have been through building a new home, and we know it's not always the easiest.  That's why we understand what you're going through, all the doubts and questions you have, and we're here to help you through.  


A few things we learned during the process, that you might want to keep handy:

Stressed Woman

1.  Everything passes.  This includes living in a relative's basement, or a camper, while you build.  Sometimes, you have to sell your current home to get your land, and when the market's right, it's right.  When you're putting your plan together, think of the interim.  What living situation will you need to have in order to bridge that gap?  Rooming with relatives has been done time and time again, and you can do it too.   

2. Patience is Key.  Especially when building a custom home, it's so easy to want instant results.  But the best (and highest quality) things take time.  Trust us, you really DO want us to WAIT on things like the right weather to pour your foundation.  Setting your expectations from the beginning to be patient will make the process much smoother and more enjoyable for you.  

3. Educate Yourself.  One of the things that most stresses people out is not understanding, or not feeling informed.  That's why we make an effort to inform you as much as possible along the way.  If there is ever a question or a doubt, don't hesitate to ask!  It will make the process much easier for you.  

4.  Document this moment.  Most people only build a custom home once in a lifetime.  You may be in a hurry to get it done, but there will be a day when you look back on what you did to get to the finish line with nostalgia.  Don't forget to soak in this moment.  Your home will be done soon enough, but these moments are just as precious.  The moment that may drive you crazy right now may be a sweet memory in a photograph just a year or two from today.   Try to appreciate it while it's here. 

5. Take a Breath.  You've got great resources around you.  Use them!  It's easy to feel like you have to do it all yourself, and answer every question before you take a step forward.  Don't forget, we're here for your questions and have great resources to refer you to for just about anything that can come up.  Rely on those who can help, and take a load off as much as possible! 

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