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Interview on Lake CDA - Podcast Episode

In this in depth interview with local realtor Michele Garcia, we talk about costs, timeline, design, pitfalls, and so much more. Thanks to Michele for the invite!

About North Ridge

2:14 North Ridge Background

3:57 Client Relationships

4:45 NRC True Custom

What does the Customer need to know when building a new construction?

6:00 Beginning Stages

-Budget/Land/Home/Future Considerations

9:59 Why Design with my Builder?

-Purchase Plans vs Architecture

12:36 Production Builder vs Semi Custom

Financing & The Building Process

15:10 Northwest Design Style

- Custom build means accommodating the land & location

16:42 Pricing Volatility

-Impacts cost, value of itemized budget

18:06 Financing through a Lender vs Builder

18:51 Finance Process

-Lender/Builder/Client - start to finish

Local Design Trends

20:05 What's happening in Design?

-Pacific Northwest Design vs. Rugged Montana, what to expect in Idaho

- Exterior colors, hardware colors, exterior materials

26:10 Trends in Color

- Hardware, lighting & plumbing fixtures

26:43 Supply Issues

- Impacts product availability and ultimately design choices

28:08 Back Orders

- Reselect materials vs waiting, impact to occupancy date

34:36 Space Planning Tends

-Work from home, separate offices vs bedroom offices

- Customers are retirees, 80% of new residents are 65+yrs old

- 2500 to 3200 sqft of living space

What to know about Challenges with New Construction?

38:23 Building Mistakes for the Customer to be aware of

43:27 Every Builder is Different

- Healthy allowances vs. change orders

45:00 Building on Waterfront

-Land questions, underground water and mitigation solutions

-Building on a hillside

49:20 Location/Milage

- Impact Builder/SubContractor availability

51:20 Importance of Builder/Customer Relationship

-Professionalism within the industry

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