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Purchasing land can be one of the most fun parts of the process...but also one of the scariest! 

When looking for land to build your home on, there are so many factors to consider, all as important as the next.  

If you're actively looking for land or are in the process of making an offer, make sure you involve your builder, and discuss a feasibility contingency with your realtor.  This is to protect you from buying land that is unbuildable, or costs too much to build on.

It's often a good idea to investigate financing before you buy your land, because you may be able to avoid multiple closing costs with certain types of lending.  We recommend starting with a quality lender first, and using the expertise they can offer you throughout the entire process.  

At North Ridge Homes, we provide in-house real estate services to our customers, because we know how stressful the process can seem at first.  We want to guide you through the process in the best way possible, and help you understand every decision you make.  Ask us anything, and you'll get an honest answer with your best outcome in mind. 

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