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When it comes to financing a custom home, there are multiple options available.  Which one is best for you really depends on your circumstance, your end mortgage structure, and the type of land you're acquiring.  

Lots with utilities already available tends to be easier to finance, but we do work with lenders who will finance vacant land without utilities, even in an all-in-one construction loan.  This takes a bit of planning, since utilities have to be figured in at the get-go, so involve your builder in your land selection and financing conversation as early as you possibly can. 

North Ridge Homes offers builder financing for those who need it, but we also work directly with customers who already own their land.  This construction loan is slightly different, and typically accrues at interest-only during the build process.  

The lenders we work with are involved in the process from budgeting on - by doing so, we can achieve the best value for our customers in the end.  

Looking at the bigger picture ahead of time can be of huge benefit when you're finally ready to build, and set you up for major savings in the end.  We work closely with multiple area lenders and can make excellent recommendations to quality lenders who can help answer any and every question.  



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