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Design Process:

Contrary to popular belief, the design process of your home actually begins when you select your land.


With a flat lot, there's a fairly wide selection of homes to choose from - but nothing with a daylight basement.  On the other hand, a hillside lot doesn't lend itself to a rancher.  Involve your builder when selecting your land, so that the conversation about styles and home designs can be had before you purchase.  

Once you have your land selected, we work closely with you and our engineers to produce preliminary "one-line" drawings of the ideal floorplan, then refine the plan as our engineer brings the design to code and includes everything needed to make it structurally sound.  This process can take some time, so make sure you think about this when planning your timeline.  

Once plans are produced and finalized, most elements are set in place, but choices regarding colors, door styles and finishes are yet to be made.  That's when we have a design meeting to establish the basics, and then send you to our suppliers so you can choose from their warehouses to accomplish the look you love.  

When selecting interior finishes, the best way to go is to start with cabinets.  The selection of door styles and finishes is much smaller than the selection of flooring or tile, so it's ideal to start there, and build out.  Next, select your countertops, and then move to flooring and tile choices.  Wall paint colors will bring it all together at the end. 

Whatever style you like, the process is the same.  Make your selections by the date in your contract, and it's off to build we go! 

Hand Holding Color Swatches
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