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Closeout and Keys:

The time has come!  The exciting part is here.  

You've made it through the financing, budgeting, land acquisition and design.  You've watched everything come together and the finishing touches have been put on.  

Now it's time for the keys to be handed off, and moving day to begin!

When your new home is complete, we will meet you for a final walk through to familiarize you with everything included in your new home, and make sure you're set up for success.  

Shortly after your home is complete, you'll receive a closeout book containing all the paperwork that goes along with your new home - including warranties, lien releases, product and appliance information, and more.  This will be a tool for you to keep track of everything related to your home, and a great place to continue to keep things organized.  

Our general builders warranty covers the entire first year of your home.  


During the build, afterwards, and always, call us if you need anything.  You will reach us directly, not a warranty department.  That's what we're here for! 

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