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We know you work hard for your money - that's why we want you to have complete control when it comes to how you use it.  

At North Ridge Homes, we use a transparent budgeting system with itemized, line by line budgets for materials, allowing you the ultimate control over how your home is built and how your money is spent.  

Our baseline budget starts with the non-negotiables: things like a high quality foundation, best practice framing, and all the structural components that make a North Ridge Home exceptional by nature.  On these items, corners will not be cut, and that level of quality forms the basis for your budget, along with other base items, like utility connections and permitting costs.

After that, when it comes to finishes and materials selections, we use an allowance system, where you'll work directly with our vendors to make your materials selections, and keep your choices inside your set allowance for each item.  If you make a great selection and save money on a line item, you can apply that toward another line item in your build.  That's you being in control of your design, and your budget! 

Depending on your financing, we may include land in the total price to build, or we may be budgeting the home by itself.  We'll work closely with your lender to make the process smooth for you, and you'll be in the loop every step of the way.  

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